Dear Father

By Koda   

We watch movies
where Fathers and daughters
are so close
Where Fathers and Sons
yell over sports games
We Watch Them
playing with their little ones,
protecting them from the bad in the world

But all we have
is the thought
in the back our heads
“What does that feel like?”
“What does having a Father feel like?”

“Would I ride on his shoulders?
Would he pick me up
when I fall?
Would he tuck me in
every night?
Would he tell me a story?
What would I do with my dad?”

the daddy-daughter dances
come around
Or you're playing soccer
In the state championships
And we just stand on the sidelines
praying our Fathers
would walk through those doors
like the soldier they are
And tell us
they’re proud of us
Tell us
that they won't ever leave us again

But sometimes
that's too much to ask
our fathers have passed
Or overseas protecting their families
and everyone around them

they couldn't take the pressure of being a Father
and decided to leave

February 12th, 2007
is a date in history
I will never forget
It was the day
lost my father
I was only six

And I have millions of questions
Do people even wonder
what goes through our minds?
The thoughts that eat at us day and night?
Did he think of how I would feel?
Was what he did right?

Does he know
that I can’t sleep at night?
Did he want
to stay here with me?
Does he hate me?
How could he leave me
to fend for myself
against all the things
that are gonna hurt me?
What does having a Father feel like?

So many Kids go home
to have their fathers protective arms
wrap around them
But some of us go home
to have to become parents
to our brothers and sisters

Because they need all the help they can get
with mom working day and night
to play not only the role of our mother
but also the father that can't be here with us

just want to ask
One final Question
What does having a Father feel like?

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This Poems Story

My poem is about Kids that have grown up without a father, it has only a handful of feelings and thoughts that we think about and feel.