Dear first love

Now I know how lucky u were to have me in life u want some basic I want someone extraordinary ,u was just to ordinary ,I was blinded by love not to see the real u I scrolling thru our text and u been not caring it was only a matter of time i'm not here to ask for u back and i'm not telling u this to make u feel bad i sent u this bc i need to get stuff to get of my chest ,i think ab u all the time i was always so pressed ab u u showed me love ,i wouldn't change nothing u showed me what love was u showed me what everyone else was talkin ab im not the person to catch feelings to quickly the first time I said I love u was not real i didnt love u back then I said it to say it is the first time ik I loved u was when I caught myself smiling at ur text ,ik what real pressure felt like when caught myself waiting by my phone to see ur name with a ring tone ,but after this Im done I want to be cool wit u im cool with almost all my exes becuase I know feelings dropped ,u could neva catch me chasing u bc I wont be a lame for u , and I think what hurts is me not knowing how much I was worth until I looked in the mirror at the body u will neva get to touch ,look back up at our text seeing that u took me for granted we fell off a while ago u gon regret putting people before me ,my mind knows that u is a ex lover but my heart still think u is the one for me i'm just pissed instead of u playing pretend we would have broke off a while ago maybe I wouldn't feel the pain or anger that i did but now its cool I feel good knowing i can only get hotter from here and u really didn't know having me was a privilege not a favor , I will always have feeling for u will they be strong ? maybe but they will die out and i had to say this to let u know im at peace and thank u for setting me free and letting me know how amazing ,and it truly hurts me to think once we had some special and u promised it would last forever but it didn't , I wish I could take back all the tears I wasted on the thought of u , I hated thinkin I was bothering u bc I got plenty of ppl to talk to but u was the only person I wanted to fr ,and u said u couldt send me paragraphs bc u were dumb i should have broken it off there becuase ur not dumb u just didnt care ab me enough to do it , I just hope u miss me I hope that u realize ur mistake and ask for forgiveness bc you have never appologized for hurting me but I have apoligized for getting upset I the first place ,but im not mad any more ur 12 what could i expect fr a child u couldnt handle me thats all u had to say all u wanna do is have fun a be childish and i get that bur when u grow up ill be already gone oh u dont gotta be mad bc ur brother stole ur girl,we was already over . I will miss our 3 am talks and the way I got all tingly when heard you voice say I love you, and your laugh and our pranks, and ill miss when you call me baby but I'm solid now. I just said all this to let you know I'm over you but I will always love you Mehki Nasir Wilburn.

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