Dear Fox News,

This is why I read your tweets and your articles
It is the burning behind my eyes
During sleepless nights
Letting rage consume my soul
A charcoal fire inside of my skull
Thunders at thought of giving up
It keeps me from giving into despair
Sadness can not flourish where anger resides
Who needs scars when you can taste the blood
In your mouth from screaming at the top of your lungs
Or maybe biting your tongue
This is how you stay alive
You douse the fire inside of us
We aren't a threat if we don't have a will to live
I paint my skin with blue and pink and purple
Knowing once the parade is done
I get to go home and wash it off
And I realize there are black and brown bodies
Who never got that luxury
And I realize what a pleasure it is
To have a closet to hide in
You made me a monster, but this beast is on the hunt
If I forget that there are people out there
Who believe I should be dead
Then I am forgetting every single person
Who still lives in fear

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