Dear Friend

Recently, I lost a friend to suicide due to untreated mental health issues. I wrote a poem in his memory.
Dear friend,
Today I have to say goodbye
I don’t feel ready
as you lay there in rest I lean over and whisper to you
this world would be a better place with you in it
I came an hour early so I could have some time to be with you
As I stared at you lying in the casket
my mind played tricks on me I thought I saw your eyelids moving and I said I know it’s not real but please wake up, just wake up
Of course, you didn’t and that’s when it really sunk in you’re gone
I didn’t want to leave you, It hurt to walk away from you when the services were done
At the funeral we stood up as someone sang Amazing Grace and regurgitated sermons and I cried so hard I got a headache
You were only 16 and such a shame you didn’t give yourself the chance to grow up and see that it gets better
So tonight I lay in my bed, with the image of you lying still, hands crossed haunts my brain
I know you were hurting and the only comfort I have is knowing you’re not anymore
No matter how many times I tell myself you’re gone forever, It still doesn’t seem completely real
because you were just a kid, how could you already be gone?
I’ve cried many times in your memory
and i’m sure I will continue to as time goes on
Time goes on, even without you and it’s hard to understand the world didn’t just stop and freeze when you left it
I love you more than you knew, and even though I have our memories, I’ll always miss you

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you have, everyone can struggle with Mental Health, if you are struggling, please reach out.

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about my friend, Joey. He was a great kid, only 16. This past month he committed suicide and this poem I wrote after going to his funeral.