Dear God!

I met one of your creations and what a beautiful piece of art
but he carries a hidden pain, for someone cruelly broke his heart.

The fear of loving won't let him love or ever trust again for
he hide's behind his hidden pain, and won't let no one in.

I constantly reach out to him while he steady pushes me away
but I never give up on him and I pray for him everyday.

He has a heart of gold and a smile bright as the sun and
If he ever decide to love again, I pray to be the one.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for him, give him the world if I could
but he hides behind his broken heart which now is made of wood.

He won't allow himself to love again for the fear of being hurt
love was unfair, unkind, and untrue to him and treated him like dirt.

Maybe one day soon, I don't know when, he will learn to love again
and when he does he will not lose, If he decide's to let me in.

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    This Poems Story

    I've been in love with my first love all my life but we never see eye to eye on anything. We have a lot of fun together tho but to live together we cant because our minds click in different ways. But he will always be my first and true love.