Dear God

By Nikki   

I sigh with relief and joy of another day
For it brings with it happiness and motivation to say
I'm ready for opportunity, progress, and even hope
Hope for change within myself, and ways to cope
I thought that I was fine, that life was great
Until I grabbed a mirror and looked myself in the face
I've been lost and wandering since 2011
Finding myself is what I now endeavor
Dear God, I ask for strength and courage while at rock bottom
Strength to fight and climb, and courage to be stronger
For help finding the girl I was so many years ago
And to become a responsible woman that continues to grow
Help is what I need, life is what I desire
Pain overflows my damaged heart, burning like fire
I pray that one day I'll be the woman I once was
Without the vices and euphoric buzz
I'm tired of it all, this isn't the life I want
Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't
I wish I could snap my fingers and no longer have urges
Like drowning my sorrows and pain with the vices I purge in
At rock bottom, with my head hanging low
I release my demons, with God I will now go
Dear God, cleanse my soul while I walk the path of a better life
Where I'll find myself, where I fight a new fight
Fight for goodness and more righteous ways
Dear God, thank you for loving me and for another glorious day

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