Dear god #4

By Ghost   

Dear god,
Love is a gift and a curse,
Cause when you find love,
You do the dumbest things to make it work,
But when your in love and your sprung,
Thats a whole different thing,
Cause your mind will eat at the weaknesses,
Every bad thought you can think,
And pray doesn't happen will cross your mind,
The silence kills you,
Another enemy is time,
When 5 min feels like a day,
Or a weekend like a year away,
So i'm asking for the strength,
To make it through the day,
So that i can hold her i'm my arms again
For that i will forever pray

Truely yours, Ghost

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Keeping hope alive, or atleast trying too, love can be the greatest thing in the world, but losing it, can make you regret you found it.