Dear God…

Dear God, please take care of our little girl,
shes the one with big eyes, and the little mouse cry.
She was special, as you should know,
I really didn't want to let her go.
She touched the hearts of everyone she knew
Letting her go was so hard to do
Her cry could brighten up a room
I wish you didn't have to take her so soon.
Could you sit and rock her and read her a story,
She's probably afraid Lord, please tell her not to worry.
Tell her mommy and daddy loves her and wishes she could be here,
But tell her soon again; We will see her.
She would love for you to sing all kinds of songs,
Please tell her that she did no wrong.
Would you comfort her and hold her in your arms tight,
And tell her she is missed every day and night.
Please tell her she is loved so very dear
I'll say it every day for her to hear
Her short life on earth is now completed
For lessons I'm sure you felt I needed
Tell her I promise to see her again someday
When that will be, I really can't say
I promise to make up for the time that's past
To hold her and comfort her, in my arms at last.

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