Dear Government

Dear government, why is alcohol legal, while weed is illegal?
Do you just pick and choose which drugs you want me to use?
Or is there a method to your state control?
Chaining my conscience, making me blind to it all?

Picking and choosing what I hear on the radio and see on TV,
With perfect smooth screen,
All shining, no cracks
For truth to escape to reality?

Dear government,

Why do I feel like I’m being lied to
When a few people make my decisions
All outside my head,
Messing with my brain,
Stealing all my thoughts
Moulding them to shapes,
In their perfect shapes,
Void of the black holes growing in my stomach,

You want to leave us with deceased livers,
But we can’t be lovers,
Or even believers,
You have to shrink us,
Reduce us to to celebrity butts and drain our rivers,
So we’re merely alive, just barely this world’s quivers.
It’s unheard whispers...

While we could be...

Dreamers. Doers. Achievers. For our own sakes, our own bosses, our own thinkers, our own peoples, our own deciders, our own conquerors, our own valleys and peaks. To choose our dream, what a virtue...

In the world where dreams are prechosen and prepacked in cardboard boxes for so many of us.

Dear government, stop choosing for me,
I’ve stolen my joystick from your headquarters,
I’ll do it for me, and everyone else who’s ever wanted to be.
Give me back my me, and I promise to leave your you alone.

Because, dear government,
Nobody needs you
When there are no beast
In this world to control.

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