Dear Grandma

Death is forever, it is a dark and lonely place
You can take all your secrets while keeping a straight face
You will be lonely but never left alone
The truth will remain with your rotted bones
The message repeats day after day,
Leaving you wondering why you never pressed play
Your book is closed but the story was never finished
Two endings were composed leaving the truth to be diminished

All that's left behind is a dark, lonely casket,
A rock with your name, and dead flowers in a basket
Death only happens once, there is no rewinds or repeats
The time is now for you to share your deceits
Only you know what was said
Will you decide to share it before you are dead?

One thing you can't buy is peace during your long rest
I hope you choose to take all the weight off your chest
The curtain is closing, this is my final call
You had so much to say so why say nothing at all?
The words you said came out strong that night
What will you decide: fight or flight?

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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