Dear Grandmother

This poem is for you, Dear Grandmother, whom I love with all my heart.
I loved you when we were together, and even more when we were apart.
I never had the chance to tell you, just how you inspired me.
You were loved by everyone you met, and never cowardly.
If I could be half the woman you were in your lifetime, I would consider it an honor to be able to walk that perfect line.
So talented in everything you did. You held your head up high.
That's how we know that you're in Heaven, dancing in the sky.
Your children and grandchildren, have peace in our hearts.
Because we understand, Dear Grandmother, this is the best part.
When the golden gates of heaven opened, there your husband stood.
He's waited many years for you to come, because he knew you would.
As he takes your hand and spins you around, your spirits become young again. Then you see your sister as well, dancing like the wind.
Everyone is there now, that you have loved and lost before.
We know that you are happy now and that you will hurt no more.
So, goodbye to your mind and body. Your spirit is set free.
I will see your face again one day, when those gates are opened for me.

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