Dear Haley

Dear Haley,
You think you’re so grown
But really, you don’t even know
What’s out here
I’ve cried almost every day
And I don’t know any of the right words to say
So I warn you
You’re gonna have tough times
But sometimes you just gotta get up and roll with life
I know my words may seem harsh but I’m just telling the truth
So open up your door and let people see the real you
Cuz one day, you’re gonna meet a friend
And who knows? She could be your friend ‘till the very end

I just wanna say some things before I go
You might wonder if your friends like you the answer is no
Get rid of them
Because one day
They’ll turn their back on you and you won’t know what to say
Sometimes friends hurt you
But sometimes they’re here for you
You might wanna know that some of them think of you
As less than a friend
If that’s the case, well, get rid of them

People might just see you as a loner
But really, you ain’t a loner
Because you’ve got all these friends
And you better not lose touch with them

I know that you love to make things up
Well guess what
Life ain’t a fantasy
In fact, it’s a tragedy
Cuz once you lose someone you love they ain’t coming back
So hold on to the ones you love
Because life’s so unpredictable
And it won’t be the same

Now I’ve got to go but one more thing
Never say that you can’t do anything
Because you can do everything

-Haley Garcia

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