Dear Harlot

Too much light in the pathway to see darkness
I'm feeling heartless because my heart was stolen by a harlot
I try to love her, but my hatred keeps evolving
She's no darling,
how could she say she love me when my pain is what she's causing
Dear harlot,
I am done with u no longer can I have fun with u
U through my heart into the ground
and pissed on it then a venus-fly-trap grew
And now I feel pain, no need for me to say names
Because after im done with u all u gonna do is feel shame
Dear harlot, u devil hearted scarlet
When I feel ur love I vomit I wish on a commit
That u and all these racist devils
in this world have the same death in common
I don't know why I'm saying love because ur a harlot
Lets be honest lust is actually how this started
Ur infamous feet walked on me like if I was the red carpet
Damn "eve" why u have to be the reason that my heart had to harden
I call u eve because u the first harlot that cross the margin
U was bobbing for apples in the garden
Instead of drinking out of the apple juice carden
U want the whole apple not just a sample
Dear harlot, I cross the margin but fuck it u fucking cause it
U dump me for another harlot
so harlot I'm about to hop on my Harley and run u over
My love for u is simply over
Overdose I do the most your love is just a joke haha
My lifeline so I sniff it like it was coke

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