Dear Heart

By Alexis   

Dear Heart..
I apologize.
I write this letter to you with tears in my eyes
Your hurting again and its all because of me this time.
Its my fault because I didnt do more to protect you from love.
Even though love represents everything your made of...
Love isnt suppose to hurt like this.
Your hurting as if someone actually pounded you with a clenched fist.
The warmth and love you hold is slowly running low..
Before you know it, all the love you possess will be no mo..
Again, Dear Heart, I apologize.
Let me wipe more tears from your eyes.
Its my fault because instead of having better judgement..
We jumped into this because the love felt so real and thats all we ever wanted..
We was in love and wanted everyone to know it!
We were so engulfed in this love thing happily..
Until it dawned on me.. that individual doesnt love me for me.
They are in love with the woman they are trying to make us be.
They love the thought of the woman we will be, eventually.
I promised us that I would never let anyone make us feel like this emotional rollercoaster of love is on repeat.
And I promised that if I would ever change anything about us.. it would be because I love you and me.
I apologize, Dear Heart, for second guessing us as if something is wrong with you and me..
I feel like im held accountable for my flaws as if I created them purposely.
What they have failed to realize is that God isnt done with you and me.
And until his work of art is complete.. Im going to be who he created us to be.
I'm changing my ways as God touches us from our crown to our feet.
And especially when he touches you, Dear Heart, from the positive vibes you pump to the love you share with every beat..
Again, I apologize.
I never meant to be so careless with who holds and protects you.
I apologize for putting everyones wants and needs before you.
I promise to be more attentive to your needs through and through.
Im still trying to place you back together with Gods spiritual glue.
I shouldve know better from all the past hurts we been through.
I guess at the end of the day.. in this world.. Its just me and you.
Forgive me and I promise, Ill make it up to you.
The one who truly loves you for you..

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