Dear Heroin,

Wait, there's nothing dear about you.
The way you take and make a person
to where they can't eat or sleep without you.
I'm writing you this letter to let you
know just how I feel.
That at night alone in this cold dark
Cell, these tears that fall are real.
You took someone so dear to me,
And for you I have built up this hate.
For you to fall off the face of this earth,
Is a moment in which I can't wait.
I loved my brother, and his life was ended too soon.
Out of all the people in my life why him
Did you have to consume? I can't lie,
Over the years, ive been tempted to try
You just to see. But by the grace of God
I avoided you, and you will never get to me.
You've taken my friends and family,
People I wasnt ready to let go.
You took my neice's father, and now her daddy,
She'll never get to know. Mothers, fathers, daughters
And sons. All people we will never get back.
But I am building up an army, and against you we will
Attack. Even though your numb, I still wish that you
Could feel, these tears we all cry at night,
Are nothing short from real.

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