Dear John

I look at you and wonder where you went,
See a stranger looking back,
I try to find you,
Standing right in front of me.
Now you're just John Doe.
Where's the boy I know?
The boy who crashed jumping over the fence.
The one to light my cigarettes.
The one who would swing as high as he could,
Just to jump.
Where's the john I know?
Because standing here's John Doe.
What broke when you left?
I'm seeing a soldier not the man I know.
Where did that smile go?
What happened to the man I know?
John Doe.
And now we're standing here.
Our future up in the air,
And goodbye never tasted so bitter.
I want to go back to the past.
Feel your heartbeat against my back.
To just look at you.
And feel at home.
So I beg please.
John come home.

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