Dear John

You play your games, and I've grown tired
You'll change, you swear, .such a liar
I'm weary of all that you represent
Take it all back, every last cent
Time to move on, keep going forward
Move on from love, move on you coward
I hate how I love you still
Yet, I know, it is just a thrill
To have my heart ripped from my chest
Every time we are closely pressed
I need to let go of what we have
So I can move on, you'll be my past
No point in mourning the dead
We'll be happier, don't lose your head
You'll find love and I'll get married
One day, I'll be a memory that you carry
Until that day, good luck and good riddance
Of all your charms and your issues
Taking back the throne as Queen Bee

Love always,

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This Poems Story

I was in a dead-end relationship and it was reaching that "break-up" point. It was the time to end things and move on. The guy's name was John, so to write a "Dear John" letter in the form of a poem made me laugh. To keep my mood on the lighter side, I wrote it for me so I could release my frustration. I wrote it and I liked how it turned out and so here we are. Enjoy!