Dear Journal

Here I sit, all alone in my head,
with questions that have answers I may never get.
My thoughts there like a broken record,
steadily playing over and over.
Same stuff just a different day,
living in my past is driving me insane.
Definition of crazy is my fault,
doing the same things, expecting different results.
While the world spins around me,
I am standing still with me, my own worst enemy.
Pain of yesterdays filling up todays,
and plans for tomorrows never get made.
All I have to offer is brokenness and strife,
can you take that Lord and make something beautiful with my life?
Please will you take the lead,
and guide me where I am supposed to be?
I pray you give me peace of mind,
and future thoughts to consume my idle time.
Can you free me from worry of things out of my control,
and all of my past hurts, please help me to let them go.

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