dear kathwren (full poem)

dear kathwren
remember when i met you?
remember how i smiled?
remember how you made me laugh
when my smile would hide?

dear kathwren
i told you that i loved you
and i meant it with every molecule
you told me that you loved me, too
and you played me like a fool

dear kathwren
remember how we’d talk?
you’d talk and i would listen
about our thoughts
and our eyes would glisten

dear kathwren
i remember the confidence
and the trust i thought we had
i remember the day you threw it all away
everything we ever had

dear kathwren
i remember the first fight like it was yesterday
and dear kathwren
i remember the blood and tears i had to pay

dear kathwren
i remember holding you in my arms again
soothing your fears away
and i remember you hating it
because i never knew what to say

dear kathwren
i remember clearly the day it ended
the day it ended for good
the day i knew the war was over
and i pulled back up my jacket hood

dear kathwren
did you ever think about
what you did to me?
that there’s always more to it
it’s not just what you see?

dear kathwren
i guess this is goodbye
i’ll be civil if you
acknowledge that i exist
until my heart is new

dear kathwren
i’m finally letting go
i’d suggest you do the same
but you never held on
you were just playing a game

dear kathwren
goodbye, my love
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
and with heavy heart i leave you
and heave a heavy sigh

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