Dear Lord

Dear lord,

Take my prayer with real meaning and powerful speaking

Keep me guided with your light even when I'm sleeping

Open all these closed doors of the lying and shameful speaking

I wanna go to heaven where the light shines bright and forever we're living

Forgive me for my sins and faults that I've caused on my own

Help keep all the bad away so I can keep the inner peace

Tired of all the this grief and non belief

From your children my sister and brother keep the word down under I do the same I'm just like any other, we're all the same sin right after another

I apologize for the pain, I know it's driving you insane, hurtful minds on this earth so deadly like land minds have us all believing in the lies

I pray to the time we all go home where there aren't any clocks or hard hurtful rocks

Lord your my savior, forever let me rest In peace when it's my time to see your beautiful heaven, I desire your creation with every part of me

Please love me, Guide me and show me the way where home's supposed to be, Amen!!

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