Dear Love

Dear love,
Do you ever wonder where I went?
Do you ever lie, stare into the sky,
Do you ever remember the way we'd talk?
Do you ever miss our late-night jokes,
Do you miss our tears and plans?
Dear love, do you ever think we could have loved?
Do you ever wish?
Do you ever dream?
Dear love, I could've loved.
Dear love, we could've known truth,
Darkness, light, lies, and love.
Do you ever think we were on the edge?
Did you ever love me, love?
Do you think we might've had something,
Dear love, could we have been great?
Dear love,
Do you ever miss those times?
Do you ever see what happened,
Dots connecting in your mind,
Do you ever see that she's what stopped it?
Do you ever wish it were us instead?
Dear love, do you ever dream of me?
Dear love, do you ever?
Dear love, do you?

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