Dear Mama Poem

Dear Mama Poem
Dear Mama Dear Mama Dear Mama....Your a queen in my heart nothing will ever tare are love apart you've been with me from day one from the start. My world was in a jam at a young age your the capital S in save.. I've done the wrong and good you always kept me on a positive out look in my life for a stronger strive at the age of seven I was told by doctors I would be gone but you were my strength to keep me going on I have to be here to write you from my poetic justice side your the angel in my life no need to re think that twice I love you mama...
Dear Mama Dear Mama Dear Mama...I'm sorry for telling you you were in the wrong at times when I was the one running my mouth you always forgave with open arms strong hugs now that's real true love. You grew me up from a young age always being my protector but now I'm a growin man I feel as I am the one to be your protector when I make you smile when I make you happy it's my true loving effort...
Dear Mama Dear Mama Dear Mama.

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