Dear man

Mr. cinnamon not black skin but brown man
My dark chocolate
You've forgotten who you are.
Do you realize of the blood that flows in your veins are of kings that once remained
You where never meant to be just great!
And stay the same

Why do you accept what the world determines to be your fate

Having a mind idealizing wasting with time
Harden heart
Lost dont know where to start
Wheres your 40 acres and a mule
No I got it!
You rather be the mule and be amused of ignorance of life
Staving knives in the back and putting guns to the heads of the ones you call
My nigga ,my brother
While selling and putting drugs in your veins
So is this is why your ancestors where beaten and walked with chains
Why do you live existing and resisting the truth
Look in your mother's eyes dont you care dont you see her pain

Dear cinnamon brown not black man
who will our sons look up to are teach them of there history
instead of becoming history and a name that fades
Be his legacy be his story

What good is having a meaningless life
is there anyone left to who will show them how to be a good man
where losing our son's there losing there masculinity, changing faces, wearing dresses

Yeah its deep words you know it's the truth

broken homes
single mothers
dont question why
lost no father's to shadow
our boys are fighting a losing battle
not knowing God is what truly matters

Dear cinnamon, brown not black man
own your color
and who you truly are
your more then poverty,drugs, jail and the ghetto
you can be whoever you wanna be
I don't know about you but this bothers me
your so much more then what you face
time is what you waste
and death will always have extra space
gotta keep striving keep faith until you finish the race
dear cinnamon brown not black man
be what god intended
be A god fearing man!

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