Dear Mrs. Lim

Sometimes I didn't speak my mind,
That was before I met you,
You guided me with some light,
You gave me a mind-twisting view,
From things we did every day,
The starters I'd always do,
You'd teach words, bring it to life, and give it youth,
Every day was always the same,
I walked out learning something new,
Same routine, different lesson,
That all came from the teacher, you,
I still remember when you called me a poet,
Couldn't see that coming, didn't have a clue,
I started the anthology the night before,
I'm sorry if that sounded rude,
Started at 11 p.m.,
Finished it about half past two,
I guess you gave me the inspiration,
So I used it and I'm following through,
You thought you were just a teacher,
But you were our guidance, we needed you,
The end has finally came, this moment is rather blue,
It's so hard to say goodbye,
But I'd say it a thousand times if it showed you my gratitude.

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