Dear Nature

As hurricanes and wildfires rage, chasing humans away
They make them resemble particles of dust that go astray
The enormity of it is such that it is often unfathomable
How can a tiny heart bear such havoc it has to handle?

Why do they become machines of demolition with unparalleled power?
Why would they conspire such destruction on humans powerless?
Is it a lesson planned for humans, in the school of nature, however?
And to show humans its might, and that they are not fearless?

Living beings oft become disheartened when their bonds are strained
What's the aim of repeated whips in such a brief period as a week?
Spatial and temporal effects making their lives so constrained
Make them hold onto dear life, though the chances may seem weak

Through tragedy and loss, living beings care for one another
In the recent days, we have heard numerous such stories
O dear nature, please be mindful their hearts may wither
Could you please instead devise a plan that annuls their worries?

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    This Poems Story

    This poem is an effort to express human emotions in the time of natural disasters , in the form of hurricanes and wildfires.