Dear Parent’s

You say you love your children
We all know this is true
i spend five days a week with them
i love them just as you

These kids become my life
Every waking minute
Even during the night
I have a dream and they are in it.

What will they grow up and become?
Do they have everything they need?
Are they warm and are their bellys full?
Are you watering the seed?

What is a seed you ask?
What exactly are you refering to?
My child says he learned nothing all day.
Exactly what do you do?

I am a teacher I say
Full of life and knowledge to share.
I plant seeds of knowledge everyday.
In hopes to see your child care.

I set the tone for your childs education.
I show them what I know.
I teach them how to change a nation.
I make sure that they grow.

Every morning I greet each student.
Always blessed by a smile and a hug.
Somedays are rough and It isn't always pleasant.
We can sweep them under the rug.

Times they are a changing.
Like every generation before us.
Teachers are always engaging
Then forced to run for the bus.

We cannot teach the unwilling.
The wild or unsupported too.
It is not just teachers who should be instilling,
The knowledge in your mini you.

My job is too educate.
I love doing what I do.
However I should not carry the weight
To teach morals, respect and manners too.

These things should be taught at home,
And I am sure that you do.
Children forget as they sit with chrome
When all they need is you.

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