Dear Parents

Dear mother before me, do not let that angel cry
understand there is one person in the world
that can comfort her heart and soothe her soul

Dear father before me, do not moan about the time lost
for your own enjoyment, the moments however small
mean more than you will ever comprehend
to the child who tugs on your hand

Dear expecting woman before me,
do not look at me with pity when
I say not yet with tears in my eyes,
please smile and simply say, in time my love, in time

Dear mother beside me, do not tug at your baby weight
complaining about the infant at home, my run is over
the weight I am losing is from a baby
I never had the chance to see take its first breath

Dear father behind me,
do not reprimand your son for wanting
to spend every moment in your arms,
the brief seconds my husband holds his sister's son
I see a want that tugs at the inside of me

Dear parents aside of us,
do not judge in a tone you believe not to be heard,
for we have given countless hours and thousands of dollars
for what you believe we do not want

Dear parents around me,
love the blessing you hold in your hand,
for you know not how lucky you have been

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