Dear Planet Earth

Dear Planet Earth

Let me start by telling you, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry we didn’t take the time to try to improve you at your worst, and I’m sorry for the future generations who don’t get to vast in your beauty because of us.
Because we didn’t take the time to fight.
Sorry your waters are now contaminated with sewage pouring 16 tons every minute.
Sorry we couldn’t stop global warming and that fossil fuels were burning at a rate faster than ever.
It’s my generations fault that by the end of this century homes will be washed away due to rising sea levels, or that millions of species will face potential extinction as a result of… us.
Sorry that instead of spending money to fix you we invested it in destroying you.
Cutting thousands of trees down every second, polluting your waters with our waste, using you as an oversized trashcan.
I’m sorry that we didn’t appreciate you enough in time to save you.
That instead of trying to fix the problem we denied it.
Denying that you were diminishing at our finger tips.
Denying that you were being destroyed a hundred times faster than we expected.
Denying that climate change even exists
I’m sorry that we paid so much attention to our wants instead of what you needed
I think I speak for my generation when I say

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This Poems Story

Humans have a huge impact on the environment and the point of this poem is to make people realize that we are destroying the earth every second and it is time to do something about it.