Dear Santa

Dear Santa Claus.

I have been able to achieve so much this past year.
I have so many things now that to me I hold so dear.
This time I am wishing you’ll use your special touch
to reach the many others who need you so much.

For the starving children, in Africa, who need food to eat.
Wouldn’t it be great to see them growing corn and wheat?
Then, there’s the children living in war, who’d ask “Please
Santa, send us an end to this war and let us know peace.”
Maybe, just maybe, you could see your way clear
to building shelters for people and animals this year.
So, all the families and animals living on the street
would have food, warmth, and shoes for their feet.

Santa, I am asking you with all the love I’ve in my heart
If you would deliver these gifts to give things a start.
This would make the world such a better place to live.
Then perhaps more would learn the true meaning of give.

Yours Truly,
Joan Marie

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