Dear Society

You’ve torn down the walls I’ve built up for years
You’ve pushed me to the ground and brought me nothing but tears
Fighting insomnia, rolling on my bed at night
All my dreams shattered and broken because of fear
Fear of never being good enough, fear of being rejected by you
But what’s there to loose, well never mind I will still be judged by you
Point fingers at my flaws but never applaud my success
Gossip the hole in my shoes but never gave me a new pair to wear
Mock the pants I feel comfortable in but you never give me a dress
Living my whole life trying to impress you, this life is a mess
Hoping that maybe, just maybe, you would change your views of me
But maybe I’m wrong, maybe you are the problem
Allow me to point fingers at yours waves and let me criticize your storms too
Remember that girl that committed suicide? Well it was all because of you
You judged her by her looks and called her a slut while she was as innocent as a dove
Caused her parents to morn their only child then there crept depression in their home
Well good job, you destroyed a peaceful family because you never keep your mouth shut

Remember those two best friends that now disgust each other, I bet it had something to do with you
That boy that now smokes drugs and think his life is over?? You caused him to do so
You created this one bone-sickening crap claiming it will ease his mind and lessen his stress
He took it in every day and slowly, gradually it turned him into an addict
I guess his mind is now eased and his stress are now lessen for he now feels so numb

You elect a leader and criticizes his leadership, forcing him to do things that pleases you

Complained about the country’s crisis and disturbed him with your tormenting words like

‘’ we need food’’ ‘’say yes to gay rights’’ ‘’say no to gay rights’’ ‘’well we need money’’ ‘’we need quality

Education’’ WE NEED WE NEED WE NEED… Well shut up! He is not God! He didn’t say ‘’I will provide all

Your needs’’ just let him be

Depression is the new disease and the symptoms are the good for nothing words you speak

Suicide is the new Modeling agency, everybody now puts on heels and walk down the stage

Anxiety is now the new meal, everybody have had a taste of it

I guess insomnia is the new club, some people are wasted wile others don’t have rest till morning

Well MR Perfect Society, we can’t do anything to please you

Maybe you should accept us as we are and stop expecting us to be perfect because we can never be


A girl whom life you once tortured.

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