Dear Soulmate

Things are different yet nothing has really changed
between us now. We've gone through so many milestones
and you're still here. I want to pour my heart to you
but at what cost? to lose you? We once felt a spark,
but things are different now. We didn't fight for each
other, we didn't try to understand each other, was what
we had even love? Is there a second chance for us? I
think back to the moment everything changed and wished
I could have said or done something differently...would
anything had changed? The moment I realized I had lost
you was the moment I regretted letting you go. I miss
holding you, making you blush, and the way we made each
other feel. You make me feel accepted for who I am, and
less lonely in this complicated world. I'm in love with
you, but you will never view me that way again. I can't
blame you for searching for something better, I can't
blame you for moving on so quick. I only wish that
whoever the lucky one is, treats you the way you
deserve. I get a sharp pain in my chest whenever I
think of you with someone else, but that's a pain I'm
willing to endure. I love you and you love me, but when
I say it, I think of you as my person.
When you say it, my heart breaks every time knowing
that our hearts are in different places. Dear...
soulmate, you will always have a friend in me.

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