Dear State Representatives

They happen everyday
Noticed by only few
And why?
Because of amendment number two
And you
You kill innocent people by supplying villains with hatred
Killers with weapons
And murderers with guns
But no
Guns don't kill people
People do
But guess what
It's a lot easier when that hand holds a gun
You say we stand together as one
Yet you've fought against equal rights for years
Your entire career
Taunting everyone different from you
When will it stop?
When we've all been shot?
How many more lives will be taken
Before you realize we need change?
Fourteen in San Bernardino?
Twenty-six in Sandy Hook? But we promise that'll be the last one
Oh wait forty-nine more lives lost in Pulse, an LGBT club
Something's got to be wrong
Yet we continue to let it happen
We need change and we need it now

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