Dear Teenagers Who Are Different

Dear teenagers who are..."different",
There is nothing wrong with you it is them.
And when they try to fix you know that you are not broken,
just a little torn.
You are not an abomination like they
make you out to be.
Dear teenagers who are "different",
I am sorry you have to live in constant fear.
Fear of your life, fear of your home, and sadly fear of yourself.
Dear teenagers who are "different",
I'm sorry you feel like you don't belong.
Like trying that rope around your neck will fix everything.
Like putting that gun to your head will solve
Your problems.
Dear Leelah, I'm sorry that it took you hurling your body into
Traffic for us to realize that there's a problem that needs
To be fixed.
Dear dead teenager,
I'm sorry that we never realized you were dead
Because you weren't pretty enough, or handsome enough,
Or popular enough.
Dear dead teenager,
I'm sorry that you felt like you weren't enough.
Dear parents with teenagers who are "different",
Ask yourself one question.
Would you rather your child be happy or dead?

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