dear the bullies

I'm not that much different from you I wake up do my hair and get ready for school.
But the only thing different is your bully to much
You sit and talk smack to the people you love
You act like its a game yet no one is playing
You think it's all fun but no one is saying
That their sick of it
Their sick of feeling like they can't live anymore
They have their parents questioning why they started shutting the door
Little do they know it's because they don't like themselves
And the only one who's to blame is yourself
You're not just a bully but a fake
Who thinks you’re better than people like me
am i really as bad as you make me seem
Or am i the person you want to be
You point out our flaws acting like it should matter
But really we all know it just for the laughter
You may say you’re kidding
You may say you’re joking
But really we know you’re poking
Through our skin just for fun
But when you see someone bigger than you
You’ll be the one to run

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