Dear unknown angel

Dear my unknown angel Daddy misses you very much I know you are in heaven playing with your cousins and walking around with your great great great grandparents while watching over me from time to time.

I'm sorry at one time I refused to say I had a beautiful angel but it was my way of cooping with the pain of not being able to hold you before we had to bury you and give you back over to God as his beautiful angel.

My angel I know there's times where you lay next to me or in my arms at night or when you hold on to my finger as i walk down the street or whisper "daddy I love you" in my ear because baby girl I can sense you all around me day in and day out.

My beautiful baby girl I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH and I always will no matter the years have gone by. You are my princess, my first love, my heart, my PERFECT ANGEL.

Princess there's a hole in my heart and soul where you are supposed to be to make me feel complete and whole. It hurts me knowing that I can't hold you when you're sad or cuddle you when you're sick or tired, one day my girl I will be able to hold you and finally will be able to tell you that DADDY'S HOME FOR GOOD.

Dear my precious little angel I most let you go for now but you're always with me in my heart and soul so you behave yourself and tell everybody I said hi and I miss them also.

Dear my sweet unnamed and unknown princess I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU with every ounce of my strength and just remember there's not one day that goes by that I don't think about you,dream about, or talk about you.


This poem is dedicated to all the father's out there that can and can't read this poem may you stay strong and remember that your angel is always by your side. BE BLESSED

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