Dear Veterans

Dear Veterans

Thank you for your sacrifice,
Your courage, and your selfless pride.
Thank you for being the ones who stood up for our Country,
Gave up your family, and quietly cried.
Thank you for being the ones who
Slept on the dirt, hardly ate a home cooked meal,
Missed your children growing, and wanted your spouse near.
Thank you for dragging your exhausted bodies across treacherous trenches, dodging
Bullets, explosions, and enemies from all directions.
Thank you for standing up for what is right,
Even if you didn't know if you would live one more night.
Thank you for your endless hours of devotion,
Your strength and will of no defeat.
Thank you for your blood, sweat, and dried up tears.
Your courage to keep us safe.
Thank you for ensuring our Country its freedom.
Thank you for giving our future a chance.
Thank you for giving us the strength to stand up for what we believe in.
To be proud of our Country, to build a lasting foundation that cannot be cracked, broken, or destroyed;
Due to your endless efforts, and sacrifices, fighting our wars.
Thank you for not only being Soldiers,
But our Countries Hero too.
You will not be forgotten,
Because you've always bled the Red, White, and Blue.

By: Misty Montagna

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