\”dear(fill in the bank)”

I hope when you read this,
you have fulfilled the dreams of your past "I"
and you've come up with new ones for your
future "I".
Thats what you do best isn't it?
You dream as if there are no boundaries,
as if there is no sky because you
reach beyond the stars.
The world inside your head is so full of hope that nothing is impossible,
and you somehow convince
others of the same.
You announce your dreams of watching stars on the hood of a car,
the simple things that make your heart soar because you
never did believe in luxury.
They know about your desire to step foot in every corner and crevice of the
earth, so much ambition and all the means to chase them in the palms of your hands.
So i'm sure by now,
as sure as I could ever be,
that when the rest of the city is asleep,
you are awake,
living the lives they spend the night dreaming about.
This world inside your head is full of everything but fear.
It's what drives others to be around you:
the exuberant light of fearlessness your skin radiates in the darkest nights
drives others to be around you in hopes that
the smallest bit of you can transfer onto them.
I hope you realize that you make the bones of other people tingle with excitement with just the thought
of the person you were raised to be.
God gives you the ability to wake up every morning for you to
live so that others can see you live,
so you can look at the sun replace the moon and
others can look at you.
They need you and they don't even know it, what a shame.
The way you live so
unchained and liberate, nothing holds you down and that terrifies me sometimes but the best parts of me find their way
to the surface when you take me underwater and I cannot deny that.
People catch you in their glance and suddenly they cannot find their words or their breathe,
not because of how you look but how you are.
You feel for every person the second you meet, as if you've known them forever.
I saw you in my dreams the night after bumping into you on the streets you call home,
You are the familiar face i have never laid eyes on before.
I guess I saw the person you are
in the way you smile with all your teeth.
The warm light in your dark eyes
counteracts with the soul in your chest that exists for
the thrill of dangling off the edge of skyscrapers,
a combination so perfect
not another being can
compete with it.
You have a brilliance and beauty to you
that even the blind can see,
you sing words I am not able to even articulate,
and you reaffirm my belief
of the triumphant good that exists in the midst of every natural disaster.
If I continued,
inevitably my ink would run out and my time would be up,
the number of words in my mind for you exceed the grains of sand on this land,
because you are the closest thing to perfection the universe has ever seen
I know damn well,
you may not see yourself in my eyes
but I will make sure the rest of the world does.
This is not a letter to you, it is for every person that isn't you.

- Who's name did you think of when you read this?
Tell them how you really feel.

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