Life is nothing
when it all comes to an end
there's no going back
we might think there's an afterlife
but what really happens when we die
maybe our eyes or the sense that we use goes to waste
and all we see is darkness
What happens to all the people that committed crimes
what is a crime how does “God” see it
but then there's another question is God real
is hell real
What if the life we are living is all a lie
what if we are set up like this
what is a sin?
is it being part of the LBGTQ+ community
is it still murder if you help the death penalty
who chooses what the biggest crime is ?
we see terrible things happen every day and we don't do anything about it
why do we stand there and do nothing
what if we could do something to stop something bad from happening most people wouldn't care
but doesnt god say to treat everyone like your brother or sister
but at the end we all sin
where does death take us
why does death come too early
why does “ God” choose that
is “God” a sinner

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