Poem B Matthew S.
Title: Death

You know no kings, slaves
Rich nor poor,
Greedy as a hog(pig)
you're never satisfied,
So powerful as a lion,
making both the strong and weak,
hardhearted and hardbitten,
sober and mourn because
of your presence.

Invisible as the air,
you've become regular as sunrise
because you're felt everywhere,
you've deprived millions of achievements,
unreasonable and blind as a bat
you took without considerations.

As restless as the sea
you kept roaming without destinations,
inflicting pains,sorrows and damages,
your hands are soaked with blood of both the wicked and innocent.

Senseless as a stone,
Lazy as a toad,
you kept reaping where
you didn't sow,
Soon your secret will be
made naked as the night,
Oh soon,
You will be made lowly as a slave,
harmless, helpless and powerless
as a baby,
A laughing stock among those
you caused pain,
and as low as a grave,
you will be cast away forever,...

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