In your absence, I take a glance at the moments you had captured;
With a smile on my face trying to hide all the questions you had left unanswered.
You said my opinions mattered to you and so did the demands I made,
Of all the lies you told me, I favorite this as it offers me a burning shade.
Till date I silently wait for the doorbell to ring,
I wait for you to lie that it’s not monsoon but spring.
I am not unique; I am definitely not the first person to feel this,
But I wish you had never left although your departure was bliss.
When you said goodbye and left, I was bound to wait for you,
Because if it’s good, you were bound to come back irrespective of how hard the wind blew.
I did my part right, but you failed my trust,
No, don’t try to justify yourself, that would be unjust.
I waited for you to return,
Your body was not my concern.
You came back, but you didn’t say a Hello,
You kept your eyes closed assuming that I wouldn’t know.
You promised me a journey with you,
But your goodbye wasn’t good and your promise wasn’t true.
Now I blame you everyday to fill the void that you had left,
I am probably widening it for I know I was blessed.

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