Like final breaths meant more than my first,
Or all the others in between never contained such worth.
As I struggle for air, I cannot think to leave.
Where would I go? Life should have known my fear.
At night I lay down the nightmares in my head;
The light behind my eyes could illuminate the dead.
As darkness creeps behind me, I don't want to see its face,
But day by day I get closer to its fated day,
Like it always knew I'd come,
But I never thought I'd be alone after that day was done.
Until I rest down at night and dream of a nightmare in my path;
I can't escape the mortality of its haunting wrath.
Is it black when it's over, like eternal night?
Or is there some light from a soul somewhere
Who I forgot to give flight?
Can I not feel to think, or taste to fear?
Can I not see to dream, or touch to love?
To think of people breathing without me,
Or to see and feel things I can't,
Pulls out the fear and clears away the hope that there's more,
Cause I think it just closes all together;
Death is an open door.

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