Death like a flower, when it fades to gray
Scent decaying, as vitality slips away.
Like a wave does it roll along,
Gently reminding life to live on.
Though it marks an end, and end it does not create;
Not until the sun forgets a face, nor the Creator a fate.
Like a fallen sky it can terrify, and we tremble.
But death brings a new sky, one that does not resemble
An atmosphere of dark,
Where life is torn apart.
Here death cannot go, nor bring a heavy load
For here is a barrier of Light, not even dark can corrode
Resting in vivid joy, with ones long passed.
Knowing now that forever this joy shall last.
We sit here in the Light; still yet we wait.
Wait for our love to find their way Home,
And see this Beauty they had never known.

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