When the time comes, I believe I will be ready
But as of now, my present self fears the inevitability of death
Do our minds turn off, our thoughts just stop?
Do our souls live on, wandering across a barren land?
Can we torment those who have wronged us?
Are we able to watch our loved ones live on?
Is there such a thing as heaven or hell?
Or are we all doomed to an eternal afterlife of just dark?
My fear? My mind will live on, my thoughts will continue
But it's just my thoughts in a never ending darkness
An eternity of only my thoughts is definitely not ideal
Since the demons in my head will live on with them
Sometimes I wish after death, our souls would stay on Earth
But even on Earth, this beautiful yet boring planet
An eternity here would make me want to kill myself
Problem is, I'd already be dead.

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