Death comes to us all without preamble or prejudice,
No introduction, nor explanations, no invitations forthcoming.
He comes at will, goes at will, none who’s will withstanding.
For change he brings like clockwork springs that are ever unwinding,
In seasons’ passing in the natural order – time gone before and after.
The young grow old, the old decay and once again
Life springs forth.
This eternal cycle, the promise of life renewed,
The inevitable change and transformations,
Come with assurances that life re-blooms.
Death comes to us all, man, beast, or flower,
He comes unexpectedly, and expected to each and at any hour,
Life’s great constant that assures the natural balance,
Where life blooms once again for a time until Death reclaims his power.

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This Poems Story

Based on the Tarot Death card. Death is change, transformation, letting go, and possibly sacrifice. (poor grasshopper) Change can be a scary prospect – fear of the unknown. But, change is the only constant. And cycles can only continue with change and endings. It is only then that new beginnings can be made.