I sit upon this evening of late, I don’t dare to go out the door no more.
I hide inside, divide the feeling in half.
So I waste away these feelings that I’m getting.
As I hear nothing more but a silent sound, no mouse or even dog bark.
Just a sad sound of silence, hitting the floor.

As the old Christmas tree lights still light, as I see nothing more.
than pan out the way to silence the things.
I don’t forget what’s near, and what’s far.
I don’t ask what’s this hour of late for.
I hear a tapping almost a scratching upon my door.
The mouse runs on the floor.

The last light goes out,
as the Christmas tree lights still just might save me still.
I go to the door,
the mouse stops and drops to the floor.
The shadows creep around me steeling my soul it seemed,
as I heard nothing but a silent sound.
As the door creeped open and it shut behind, I still in my study.

I see a magnificent figure all cloaked in black.
As the Christmas tree light give it away, as he stands there.
As the shadow reaches across the floor to me;
I stand there in my state, of shock almost paralyze to see.
I heard but a scream.

It was clear then it was death.

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Death has plagued my soul.