I looked at him and it was death itself... How could I have judged one's fate...
I am not afraid to judge my own cause when I look at me I see nothing but scrambles, nothing but darkness, nothing but pain.
But I wait there pasting back and forth...I awaits death and everything I see is death.
shattered windows with splattered blood on them,
the gruesome scene of an inhuman being
Black or white, it does matter the color
It makes u think you're being freed while it devours your soul.
An unpredictable death is just an unhappy

So I saw her and it was pure light emitted from her eyes
I knew she was something great.
Something or someone that might free me from this misery but do I want to be free?
What happens if I am free?
What or who will I become?

I create the gruesome scene of an inhuman being
I am the friend of fiend.

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This Poems Story

This poem tells a tale of a girl who's life is filled with darkness and misery. She is convice that the fiend is her friend and she looks on the pessimistic side of life.