A looming future on the horizon,
Maybe a figure running after you,
Wanting to renew his defeat.

If you lose a step,
Death will always gain one.
If you walk a step,
Death will always feel closer.

Death is imminent,
But should we be afraid,
I think not.

Whether you run or hide,
When you die,
You will find what is lost and win on the inside.

You may drift to unconsciousness,
Or possibly go to better places,
But to be frightened of death is to die twice.

No matter and to what lengths you go to avoid it,
It will be there and give a nasty hit.
Never leave without saying your goodbyes,
But never fear what lies beyond.

Maybe ever persistent,
And vile too,
We fear death as much as he fears you.

The truth of all people,
Is that we want to do things our way,
But let it go and obey,
We will do as we want,
And death fears us for that,
But don't let it get to your head.

Death is a concept,
A mere fear for reality,
But when you look at it,
It is the way all things go.

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