I woke up in this cold dark room.
There are cobwebs everywhere,
And every way you look,
All you can see is inky blackness for miles.

I hear people faintly calling my name,
And telling me to wake up.
She cant be gone!
They say.

What do they mean?
I'm right here!
I try to say.
But i can't.

My voice is gone.
Is this what death is like?
I wonder.
Asleep one minute,

Gone from the world the next?
Will i ever see my friends again?
Tell another joke?
Make another cake?

Never again taste the sweet richness of dark chocolate?
How will i ever live without laughing
With my friends at stupid things?

I walk around with no specific destination
Hoping to find a door out of this horrid place.
Then there's an earthquake.

A sudden shaking, jolting my whole
Body as if i were riding a stampeding
elephant .
Then suddenly a sliver of light and a

I squeeze my eyes closed and rub them,
opening them to find i'm back in my

My room!
And my family!
All standing over me.
I cry with joy and hug them all one by one.

Your ok!
They cried.
You passed out!
They said.

We thought you'd died!
We all embraced and i realized,
I hadn't quite died, and wasn't quite ready to just yet.

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