Death Ahh...

In the peril of life there is nothing certain,
You never know when you go behind the life's curtain,
But what you desire is to live prolong,
Unfortunately the feeling isn't long.

Whole life he lives to portray his true being
and keeps on absorbing the negative seeing.
Then the life shows the ceaseless fog,
Unfortunately the feeling isn't long.

Then when his corpse lie cold on the ground,
His soul feels shattered for his feeling that he sold .
But at the end what is left is the cadaver,
That nobody could ever ever savour.

Finally the body has gone to the ground ,
and so does the family members surround.
Everybody has tears and grief,
Nobody had the courage to tell the story in brief.

Its tough to pen down in sorrow,
As the emotions come in real and not being borrowed,
Now the author is filled with remorse
and so is the life's unwanted course!

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