Death by Heights

I climbed atop the lookout tower
Searching for you in the busy streets
I envisioned you were down there
Girl in arm, smile on face
As the streets SWept you forever forward
As I was standing atop the ledge
Of a lookout tower leaning off.

But as I fall
I know you were here with me
In the wind, brushing your fingers
Through my hair, tickling my skin
And grazing down my spine
Pushing me further over the edge.
The whistling noises were hallow
And for a moment, I'm reminded
Of the promises you gave to me
And I think I even hear your voice

I've fallen
Twice now, without any difference
Because loving you was falling from that lookout tower
My bones crushed and splintered
By the weight of the world
Maybe the fault lies
In how high I'm willing to climb
How much I'm willing to love.

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